•Dated: June 16, 2020, 3:37 am

Knowing What Keno is All About

Keno is one game that is simple yet has millions of following all over the world especially in America. It is interesting to know that this game originated from China and was invented by a Chinese in the name of Cheung Leung. His main reason for inventing this game is to use the revenue he will get from keno game to buy some arms and materials for his soldiers in warding off their enemy attacks. He finally succeeded in his endeavor and the game of keno continue to gain popularity and became known all over the world.

To have a clear understanding what keno is, imagine the game of lotto. Keno is pretty much the same as lotto. Just like lotto, keno is so simple and easy to learn . However, prizes in keno is like that of the prizes in lotto, that is very large in cash payouts. That is why many are being lured in this game. This is also what makes keno a primary game online. Many are attracted to this game for that very reason.

To know what is the procedure and steps in keno, first of all you have to purchase a keno ticket from the keno booth. You have to select the numbers between 4 to 10 numbers from the total of 80 numbers on the keno card. The selection a player makes is called a "spot'. However, to faclilitate ease and comfort in playing keno what the online companies did were to offer multiple tickets for the same draw. In some sites, what you can do is play keno on later dates as allowed in pre purchase tickets which are intended for future use in gaming.

After knowing what numbers you will play in keno, then you submit your ticket to the cashier for recording . In turn, you will be given a receipt of your purchased ticket. Bear in mind to keep the ticket because it will be used in the future in validating what numbers and amount of bet you made. Commony, online tickets can be purchased from 5c and $5, and their payouts are in multiples of the value of your ticket. Large jackpot prizes of up to $50,000 are not surprising

Today the sumptuous amount this lottery type game is what makes keno a game of profit and fun. Keno can be played and are being played at some commercial malls and public institutions such as terminals , etc.